The Sword of Asmodeus

(2002, Jan-April)

The Sword of Asmodeus was the semester-long campaign I ran for my D&D group at Miami University. Using the old “dimensional rift” trope, the party from the previous campaign (give/take a few characters) ended up in my campaign world in possession of a strange artifact.

Eventually they discovered it was The Sword of Asmodeus, containing the last shard of the arch-devil’s essence in one evil artifact. Of course, they had to destroy said evil artifact and defeat the evil guy once and for all. (I might have been influenced by a certain movie at the time.)

  • The Librarian, Bard (Justin)
  • Jared the Unlikeable, Rogue (Megen)
  • Sister Helena “Handbasket”, Monk (Denise)
  • Druscilla, Wizard (Brandon)
  • Halfling Druid who died and became a Hawk (Seth)
  • Cleric of Dr. When/Timekeeper (Mike Z)
  • Dwarven Ranger (Abby)
  • Krog the Barbarian before he added a lot of titles (Eric)

The Sword of Asmodeus

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