The Sun Empire


This was an Oriental Adventures style campaign that I envisioned taking place concurrent to the events of Book IV. The Outsider War had effects the world over, and this would be the story of a far off land dealing with a sudden outsider incursion. In the process, the Great Wall fell, and the party were the only ones to see it.

The campaign lasted 4 adventures before scheduling pressures did it in.

  • Joju the Monk (Justin)
  • Reiki Tokogawa – Psychic Warrior (Scott)
  • Waza – Thri-Kreen Ranger (Josh Samuel)
  • Tetsuo Maki – Rogue/Bureaucrat (Josh Sako)
  • Kim – Psion (Matt)
  • Genji Katsuhiro – Samurai/Ninja (Danny)

The Sun Empire

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