Book IV and a half

This was a one-shot Epic game that I ran at Sean’s lake house. It was a continuation of Book IV, with many taking the roles of their characters years after The Outsider War.

The party defeats a Tarrasque to gain Epic levels.

For reasons I don’t remember, they’re thrown into the future (but before the world is taken over by the Book II boss monster.) Magic is broken and magic items are the rarest of the rare. After tracking a series of murders and fighting a colossal Gelatinous Cube, they are lead back to an ancient Gold Dragon, who has become quite insane. He attacks them for their items.

  • Gnomish Geomancer (Dennis)
  • Deryk Mallista – Monk/Drunken Master (Danny)
  • Something Adam played?
  • Cleric (Abe)
  • Summoned Solar (Abe’s girlfriend)
  • Wild Sorcerer (Andrew)
  • Maybe Al and Justin played something too

Book IV and a half

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