Book IV


A continuation of my game run in 3e. An old man gives the party a quest to stop an evil half-demon Warlord gaining power. They defeat the warlord only to find out the old man was actually Asmodeus in disguise. The barrier between worlds tears asunder, causing outsiders of all sorts to spill out and bring war to the prime material plane. This event becomes known as the Outsider War.

Through some incredible rolls with a Phantasmal Killer spell, Asmodeus is defeated, though a small portion of him survives in a sword (the plot of The Sword of Asmodeus).

  • Deryk Mallista – Monk (Danny)
  • Gnome Wizard who drained outsider essences (Dennis)
  • Wild Sorcerer (Andrew)
  • Dwarven Barbarian (Eric)
  • Evil Druid (Chris)
  • Orcish Shotputter (Chris)
  • (drawing a blank on other characters)

Book IV

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