Book III


Book III was the short-run campaign by Andrew in the waning days of 2e. It was the game, apparently, that made Andrew decide that DMing wasn’t for him. It spawned a number of references in our club, specifically “I’m going berserk, put up a roadblock.”

In retrospect, it wasn’t fair to foist my campaign world on him.

  • Alexander the Foodmage (Josh)
  • Korne T-Junction, Berserker (Richie)
  • Oliver Feeblemen, Halfling Thief (Dave)
  • Priest of Levi Black (Danny)
  • Alaghi that was looking for Billy (Chris)
  • Illusionist that lasted one adventured (Chris)
  • Beastmaster that died when his lynx animal companion died (Chris)
  • Gridiron the Paladin (Andrew’s NPC)

Book III

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