Book II


On the occasion of EverGate opening up a Spelljamming port, the old gang is assembled to defend against the Klangrion Empire in their Nautiloid vessels.

The first Spelljammer on the planet is given to the party to help defend against the menace. They christen the vessel The Sacrelicious Legacy and are victorious… but then are separated from the planet. The only way to return is to travel the galaxy assembling pieces of the mysterious “item” that will allow them to return.

Along the way, the party changes as some depart and new friends are found. However, at the end, everyone comes together to fight the real menace: a giant metal-like gray monster designed to adapt to any situation, come from the far future. The item is crucial to defeating it, as is a newly powered Levi Black. The party emerges victorious, but the resultant explosion scatters many across time and space, completing a large number of timeloops…

  • Levi Black- first as a “gulithid” green illithid, then the original (Dennis)
  • Arcanus (Adam)
  • Barton (Danny)
  • Fromo Freefinger (Andrew)
  • Krazilin Drackmire (Eric F.)
  • Dr. When (Jon)
  • Wizard (other Eric)
  • Haggar the Horrible (Justin)
  • Asylum (Chris)
  • Lechtim (Josh)
  • Splatt the Wonder Tribble (Richie)
  • Tyrol (Sean)
  • Backstabbing Thief (Toby)

Book II

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