Book I


Book I was the first real D&D campaign that I ever ran. The characters and events in the game should tell you what our ages were and what we found cool at the time- the original concept for the campaign was that a piece of the Death Star had landed on a D&D world and started a religion among the natives.

At its core, however, it was simply a quest story that had clear motivations and allowed all of us to have fun every week. Book I also featured a massive cast of PCs coming in and out, due to changing membership in our gaming club and occasionally running the game at my high school with a largely different group of people.

Doozledorf the Arch Wizard summons a group of promising young students to undertake an important task for him. Lord Invader and his Twelve Penetrators are working on assembling a weapon that could destroy Kaigland. Unfortunately, their identities are hidden, and they are spread all throughout the land. Doozledorf provides them with a magic scroll that leads them from villain to villain, with a new riddle about their whereabouts being revealed after defeating the last.

  • Barton (Danny)
  • Fromo Freefinger (Andrew)
  • Levi Black (Dennis)
  • Arcanus (Adam)
  • Tyrol (Sean)
  • Krazilin Drackmire (Eric)
  • Batman the Cleric (John L.)
  • King the Dwarf (Tyler)
  • Wizard who was squished by Gigantor while the rest of the party teleported away (Danny)
  • More to come…

Book I

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