Levi Black


Originally Psionicist in 2e. In Epilogue, a Psychic Warrior.


Book I:

Levi Black sought to study under the master of the mind, Lute Skywriter. However, he studied forbidden powers such as Disintegrate, feeling that all powers, no matter how dangerous, were simply a tool. Every power had the potential for good and evil.

He was given a chance to prove this against Lord Invader’s planet destroying weapon, which Levi used disintegrate on to destroy it.

Book II:

Levi splintered his personality and placed it within a strange Illithid-like creature to adventure with the crew of the Sacrelicious Legacy. The original Levi traveled throughout the planes to hone his mental skills, returning against to fight in the final battle against the Adaption Monster. He wielded a power that gave him near invincibility: Kinetic Control. Without its power, the world surely would have been doomed.

Book III-IV:

Levi gained sufficient power to begin the ascent to godhood, but first, founded the Men in Black to ensure that all Psionicists would be properly trained in secret, so that the populace would not hate and fear them.

By Book IV, Levi had ascended to godhood, taking the spot vacated by Lute Skywriter.


Levi organized the bachelor party, which was quite bitchin’ due to god-powers.

Levi Black

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