Originally Dwarven Fighter who used special Blitz rules. Then in 3.5 became a Monk/Blitzmaster (custom PrC)


Book I era:

Barton was raised in the mountains, and thus was very stealthy. Something of an outcast among Dwarves, Barton refused to grow a long beard and generally was clean shaven. He studied martial arts with the master Duncan.

Book II era:

After avenging his master, Barton joined back up with the adventurers.

Book III-IV era:

After adventuring with the party and helping to save the world from the Adaption Monster and losing his best friend Krazilin in the process, Barton went into seclusion. Swearing to never shave his beard again in Krazilin’s memory, Barton became known as a wise man of the mountain, providing answers to those who would make the treacherous climb. Through his mastery of mind and body, Barton extended his lifespan far beyond that of a normal Dwarf.

Epilogue era: Barton and one of his students fell in love, despite him being hundreds of years her senior. His bachelor party was interrupted, leading to the events of the Epilogue adventure. At the end it was revealed that Krazilin had been behind everything, but the party was able to make a valiant stand against the “Godkiller” as time worked to reset itself. In the changed timeline, Krazilin never died, and attended Barton’s wedding as his best man. A clean-shaven Barton then was married, and they lived happily ever after.


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