Krazilin Drackmire


Krazilin Drackmire was a solid Dwarf warrior in the finest Dwarven traditions. After the events of Book I, he was given the Axe of the Ancestors, a powerful magical artifact that had specifically asked to be given to Krazilin. However, the axe’s help and coherence was often questionable.

After the battle against the Adaption Monster, Krazilin sacrificed himself to stop the creature by overloading the axe. Instead of perishing, he was thrown back in time… where a cadre of Dwarves could only save his spirit by placing it in an Axe.

However, being confined to an axe took its toll, which explained his questionable sanity while guiding his younger self. Chronal energy was created through the timeloop, eventually causing Krazilin to be reborn as a Phane. He intended to destroy the universe for his cruel eternal fate and as revenge for his friends not being able to save him. He unleashed “the Godkiller”, one of the universe’s eldest being to end it. However, Krazilin’s destruction at the beginning of time caused ripples throughout the timestream.

In the post-Epilogue timeline, Krazilin was around to attend Barton’s wedding as best man.

Krazilin Drackmire

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